MEDA201 Assessment 1 – Playing With Physical Film


The purpose of this exercise was to introduce and experiment with physical 16mm film in our art. Holding the video in my hands was something new to me, I really feel like this experiment gave me an appreciation for how far videomaking has come.

While researching I enjoyed the physical manipulation of Len Lye’s “Kaleidoscope” but was drawn more to Morrison’s recycling of damaged footage. The section of my film combining the car, canoe and pink water effect was satisfying.

My final edit became more of an assemblage of experiments in rhythm, through colour and presentation, than a coherent piece. finding a strip of film that had a shot over 5 seconds long was difficult. Stretching the video to one minute was a struggle in itself, I feel I ended up with some parts being too busy, with the colours, scratching and multiples windows at once. It’s obvious that near then end my creativity fell off.

I attempted to create a beat with the colour and the playback at the same time(The reason it looks kinda busy) which worked well, but I feel like longer clips might have helped to avoid repetitiveness and allow for longer beats in the image.

This experiment was fun, and has already inspired ideas for my 3rd assessment.