One thought on “I’m from

  1. In the video I wanted to use hands, gestures and tactile sounds to give a feeling of closeness to the scene, but also project isolation. I wanted to male the viewer want to touch, but know that they can’t.

    In my research, I found some videos that gave me inspiration. I watched a compilation of movie scenes called Touch(Burke, 2015), that threw around my theme and made me want to put more emphasis on the tactile sense of the video. The footage of the fingers, made me want to touch everything I saw. I attempted this kind of haptic pull, but I couldn’t capture it in the same way. That’s why I added the sounds of my fingers touching certain things. I added enough to get the sensation of feel, but I only put enough that it still felt distant. This experimental video (Metrowave, 2011) gave me the idea to add some non-diagetic sound to the background. It felt a little too empty. I shifted from plenty of sound to no sound and a change of scene at the end to represent the change of situation when I am at home. More warm and comfortable.

    Ana Burke, 2015, Touch.

    Metrowave, 2011, Haptic Cinema.


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